1. Perfect for those clean-ups after a storm,pruning or just processing general gardening wastes.

2. Creating mulch for garden plants and trees for conserving water.


1. Rotor:
At the heart of the Farmer Helper based BX62RSA Chipper is an oversized heavy duty rotor and reversible chipping blades. The large diameter rotor has a faster tip speed for improved chipping action and the heavy gauge steel keeps your momentum to power through 7” diameter branch or 6.5 x 12” slabs.

2. Blades:
The reversible blades are precision cut tool steel and hardene,d keeping a sharp cutting edge and maximizing the performance of the chipper.

3. Twig Breaker Blower Paddles:
Behind the blades are blower paddles with integrated dual twig breakers designed for greater output force and smaller chips exiting the machine. This provides more consistent chip size and allows you to propel the chips further.

4. Adjustable Chute:
Easily control where you want the chips with the double adjustable exit chute. The chute swivels 270 degrees (facing operator is blocked) and the top deflector adjusts the distance.

5. Hydraulic Feed Hopper with Speed Control and Forward or Reverse:
Maximize your chipping with the aggressive hydraulic feed hopper. Chipping becomes effortless when you let the rotating teeth do all the work. As the brush is fed into the chipper, you can be ready with the next piece.

6. Driveline is included.

7. Compared with the Farmer Helper BX62R wood chipper:
Farmer Helper BX62RSA wood chipper with double arm with long tail.

Technica data:

• For 30-100 HP tractors (22-74 kW)
• Disk-operated chipper
• Hydraulic transmission with double rollers
• Wood feeding control with rollers double rotation:clockwise and counterclockwise
• Automatic stop of power supply for safety
• Intake pipe with 360° double adjustment
• 4 knives + counterknife
• Flow regulator
• Maximum material diameter: 13 cm